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Feet care is as vital as skincare and haircare

feet care

The world out there is all about skincare and haircare. 7 step routine, hair spa, anti-ageing, damaged hair, and shiny hair has always been the trending keywords. But when it comes to body care routine, we are still in the basic zone. It’s all about body lotion and body washes. But are we talking about the entire body to address the concern? What about your feet? Isn’t it the most ignored part of the body?

Feet are your body’s foundation, so keeping them healthy is vital to your overall health. Years of wear and tear can be hard on your feet.

Time to reconsider. Here are the reasons:

  • Dry, damaged, unmaintained, and scaly feet can ruin the whole appeal. It reflects bad hygiene.
  • Not cleaning and moisturising your feet properly can lead to making skin dry and thin and also weaken your joints and bones.
  • A lot of us think pedicure is a beauty procedure but it is actually very important to prevent in growth of nails, accumulation of dry skin, and deep cleansing of feet.
  • Checking your feet regularly is very important for cuts, sores, swelling, and infections to prevent more significant issues like corn, calluses, athlete foot etc.
  • The appearance of your feet reflects the health of your overall skin. Therefore, it’s very important to not only moisturise your body skin regularly but also your feet.
  • In our ignorance, we end up using normal creams for our feet. But since the skin of the foot is thicker than our body skin, normal moisturisers and creams do not penetrate deeper into the skin to impart any benefit. Therefore, one should always use intensive moisturiser having ingredients like Lactic acid, urea etc, to ensure smooth and soft feet.

It is essential to take care of your feet equally with all these threats. First of all, wash your feet regularly, and keep them clean always. Trim your toenails. You should use thick and effective foot cream to prevent your heels from cracking.

Fixderma’s foot cream is a dermatologist tested and recommended cream to take care of your feet as we want you to be walking pain-free in your journey to success.

Foobetik Cream
Foot Cream
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