Cracked Heels Treatment - Cream for Cracked Heels
Cracked Heels Treatment - Cream for Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels

Which cream is best for cracked heels?

In order to appear our best, we frequently spend a lot of money on facials as well as everyday care products like creams and serums. But despite how much we give our face attention, we often neglect our feet. And the outcome? Our heels get dry and cracked as a result and for this, we should find the best-cracked heel repair cream in India.

There is no limit to the suffering our feet endure, from fashionable yet uncomfortable shoes to being barefoot for extended periods of time. The skin of our heels also tends to grow dry, hard, and easily cracked since there aren't any oil glands there to keep them moisturized naturally. So, let's put the soul back into our soles and treat our feet to the greatest foot care possible. Shop for Fixderma Foobetik Cream, as it is the best cream for cracked heels. Foobetik cream is a specialized formulation that is enriched with skin-nurturing ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, urea, lactic acid, and l-arginine that not only moisturizes feet’s skin but also repairs cracked heels and protects the feet from corns, calluses, and bacterial & fungal infection.

How do I get my heels to stop cracking?

Every day, check your feet. The importance of this increases if you have diabetes.

By regularly checking your feet, you can identify issues before they get worse. Search for:

  • Dryness
  • Swelling
  • Corns
  • Psoriasis
  • Calluses
  • Fungal infection
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Blisters
  1. Make sure to wash them daily:

Wash your feet every day. Use warm water to wash your feet. Dry them well, making sure you get between your toes because the skin there tends to stay wet. Washing the feet removes bacteria and odour and exfoliates the accumulated dead skin cells. By removing those dead skin cells, you can reduce your risk of developing corns, calluses, and dry, hard, cracked, or flaky skin.

  1. Apply Fixderma Foobetik Cream:

Fixderma foot cracks cream- Foobetik is formulated with urea and lactic acid, which exfoliates the skin cells. Lactic acid breaks the bonds between dead and hard skin cells to reveal softer skin. Additionally, it provides hydration to dry skin. Urea is a humectant and a well-known ingredient to treat cracked heels as it strengthens the stratum corneum barrier function to fight extremely hard and damaged skin.