• Eva

    Hi! actually I urgently want 2 know that where can i buy fixderma product in nepal?? i have used Epifager & Shadow gel. its very good and effective. i want to buy again and i need the number urgently..... thank u
  • Trea Cueva

    Trea Cueva
    Hello sir, how are you? I am drashti patel from India..I am daily using your cream "skarfix".it's such a nice cream..my skin looks so beautiful after using this cream.. so. heartly i thank for you..... To whom it may concern, My dermatologist from the Philippines, Dra. Baluyot, recommended to me your Epifager Cream, and I have used it everyday. I live in New Jersey, and my supply from the Philippines is beginning to run out. How can I make an online purchase for your products? I am interested in looking into buying a cleanser as well,...
  • Joie

    Hi, I love your products esp foot cream and would like to order online. Please guide me to the process. I am in Australia.
  • Aarti Raut

    Hi Good afternoon, How can I order a foot cream? I got the first tube way back home in the Philippines when I have a short week visit to my family. It was prescribed by a dermatologist and found it very effective. I don't think it's available in the US market. I appreciate it very much if you can give me a quote and how to order it.