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Daily skin hydration is a great habit and is necessary for healthy, youthful skin. Our skin, the largest organ of the body, and needs constant care to stay young, flawless, and healthy. It is crucial to use skin care products that hydrate and shield the skin from drying out. Skin care products that moisturize the skin and protect it from drying out are essential. In place of thick and strong creams, body lotions are effective as daily dryness remedies.  These lotions support the skin's natural moisture barriers while providing the required hydration for your skin. Body lotions work better than gels when the skin is extremely dry or when the weather is particularly chilly and severe. These easily gets spread on the skin to cover the whole body. Check out Fixderma’s Fidelia Body Lotions.

The right way to use Body Lotion

You've discovered a body lotion that meets your skin's needs, but do you know how to apply the body lotion the right way? Although you can use body lotion as often as you'd like. Once per day is typically enough. When you apply it is more important than how frequently you apply it. A common mistake is to apply body lotion to dry skin - perhaps even topping it up every few hours—but this does not give you the best results. Applying body lotion after getting out of the shower or bath when your skin is damp will help you get the maximum benefit from it. The best canvas for applying body lotion is warm, moist, and damp skin since it allows the skin to draw the maximum benefit from your body lotion.

How to use Body Lotion

  • Add a dollop to your hand (more if your skin is particularly dry or on rougher areas such as elbows and knees)
  • Rub your palms together to warm up the body lotion
  • Use your hands to massage the body lotion into your body in circular motions
  • Repeat until you have covered your entire body (don’t forget your neck!) Benefits of Body Lotions for Skin

You must believe that a body lotion’s main purpose is to keep skin hydrated and soft. However, body lotion does much more for your skin than that. Keep in mind that having a good body lotion is important. Skin that is well-hydrated remains healthy and problem-free. Moisturizing your skin with a body lotion keeps your skin clear, smooth, and wrinkle-free and gives it a healthy-looking appearance. If you're still not sure whether to include a body lotion in your skincare routine, keep reading to know body lotion is a must for your skin.

  • Balances the skin’s pH: Body lotion keeps the pH of your skin balanced.
  • Skin seems glowing: Body lotions are enriched with skin-nurturing ingredients which replenish the skin with moisture because well-hydrated skin seems youthful, glowing, and healthy.
  • Reduces blemishes: Body lotion intensely moisturizes the skin and moisturized skin is hydrated, plump, and healthy, so spots and imperfections are somewhat less noticeable.

How to choose the body lotion for your skin?

Including a body lotion in your skincare routine is a must, regardless of what skin type you have. So how do you know what body lotion is best for you?

  • Body lotion for dry to normal skin: Fidelia daily moisture body lotion is ideal for those with dry to normal skin types. It is a body lotion that is recommended by experts and restores your skin barrier by giving it rich nourishment and moisture all day. This non-greasy, paraben-free body lotion has a pH balance of 5.5 and is lightweight. This moisturizing body lotion is rich in oatmeal, which moisturizes and nourishes dry skin, mango butter, which shields skin from the effects of the environment, jojoba oil, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and malic acid, which improves the texture and appearance of skin.
  • Body lotion for very dry to sensitive skin: Dealing with sensitive, dehydrated, and dry skin? Alternatively, does your skin feel tense, flaky, or a combination of the two? Confused about the finest body lotion for sensitive and dry skin? Choose Fidelia Nourishing body lotion which is for dry and sensitive skin that maintains the pH balance of your skin without irritating it. This non-steroidal, quickly absorbing body lotion is designed to deliver great hydration without leaving a greasiness behind. Infused with Aloe vera, which moisturizes and calms sensitive skin, rice bran oil, which encourages cell growth, and RetiSTAR, which minimizes premature aging are additional benefits of this body lotion.
  • Body lotion for very dry to scaly skin: Dry skin is prone to dullness, itching, flakes, and scaly skin while having a damaged skin barrier. To treat skin scaliness it is also important to deeply hydrate your skin, dermatologists advise using Fidelia Hydrating Body Lotion. It restores the skin's protective layer and calms inflamed and scratchy skin. Atopic dermatitis and eczema can be treated with this non-steroidal, gluten-free body lotion. This non-greasy body lotion revitalizes, restores the pH balance of your skin, and repairs it from the inside. It contains skin-soothing and nourishing nutrients like avocado oil, willow bark extract, lactic acid, and a plant-based high-performing moisturizer that transforms dry, flaky, irritated, and dehydrated skin into skin that looks healthy and youthful.
  • Body lotion for dry skin: Fixderma moisturizing lotion is an innovative hydrator that replenishes depleted moisture levels in dry skin. Fixderma Moisturizing lotion supplies an essential moisturization and rejuvenation skin which is looking smoother, more radiant, and feels hydrated all day. It is enriched with allantoin and shea butter which restores the pH balance of the skin makes skin soft, and supple and is made with safe ingredients which are also safe to use on the tender skin of children.

Best body lotion for winter in India

When winter comes our skin gets dry, dehydrated, rough, and itchy. A body lotion is easy to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Though there are different options available in the market, the right choice to keep your skin nourished is to choose the body Lotion in your skincare that is recommended by dermatologists too. A dermatologist-recommended product makes an ideal choice because the products are wisely chosen to cater to specific skin types and concerns.

Fixderma’s Fidelia Body Lotion is the best body lotion for your skin type as it is specially formulated for different skin types such as dry skin, very dry skin, sensitive skin, and extremely dry skin. These body lotions soothe rough skin and get absorbed into deep layers to make your skin feel soft, smooth, and moisturized. It provides essential moisture to the skin and restores the disturbed pH balance which prevents dry, rough, scaly, itchy, irritated, and scaly skin.

  1. Which body lotion is best?
    Enriched with skin-nurturing ingredients and a pH balance of 5.5, Fixderma body lotions are the best. They are free from toxins and recommended by dermatologists.
  2. Can we apply body lotion on the face?
    You can apply Fixderma Moisturizing Lotion to the face.
  3. Which body lotion is best for summers
    Fixderma daily nourishing body lotion for dry to normal skin and Fixderma moisturizing lotion are the best body lotions for summer.
  4. Which body lotion is best for winter?
    Fixderma nourishing body lotion and Fixderma hydrating body lotion are the best body lotions for winter.
  5. Which body lotions is best in India
    Fixderma Fidelia body lotions are the best body lotions in India with a pH balance of 5.5
  6. How to apply body lotion for men and body lotion for women?
    Take out a dollop of body lotion on your hand and rub your palms together. Apply body lotion in circular motions on your body without missing dry and rougher areas such as elbows and knees. Cover your entire body. Do not forget your neck.
  7. What is the Fixderma body lotion price?
    The dermatologist recommended Fixderma body lotions are priced between INR 500-750
  8. Which is the best body lotion for dry skin in India?
    Fixderma daily moisture body lotion for dry skin, Fixderma nourishing body lotion for very dry skin, and Fixderma hydrating body lotion for extremely dry skin are the best body lotions for dry skin in India
  9. Which Fixderma body lotion is best for extremely dry skin
    Fixderma hydrating body lotion for dry, itchy, and scaly skin is the best body lotion for extremely dry skin.
  10. What is the Fixderma lotion price?
    Fixderma lotions are priced between INR 500-750