Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treatment Products Online
Hyperpigmentation and Melasma Treatment Products Online

Hyperpigmentation & Melasma


Hyperpigmentation is a term used to describe discolored areas of the skin. This common condition of the skin results in uneven skin patches on the skin areas that vary in size and color. These could be in a different color. From brown shades to pink, red, black, and grey. These spots can occur in just one area of the skin or all over the body.

What is the main reason for hyperpigmentation?

A common cause of hyperpigmentation is an excess production of melanin. Our skin cells produce a substance, known as melanin that gives our skin its color. Several factors can trigger or damage those melanin-producing skin cells and can increase the production of melanin in the body which will lead to uneven and discolored patches on the skin.

Not only prolonged exposure to the sun can trigger hyperpigmentation but hormonal changes in the skin especially when a woman is pregnant, her body goes through various hormonal changes that can lead to hyperpigmentation. Also, past skin injuries or acne sufferers can get hyperpigmentation as those acne marks could leave spots on the skin, known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Few more factors can possibly increase melanin production in the body like some kind of medication, thyroid disorder, or not getting proper vitamin intake could also trigger melanin.

How do you get rid of hyperpigmentation?

Sun Protection:

Protecting the skin from sun damage can help prevent hyperpigmentation. Sun not only causes skin burning or tanning but also causes, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, photo-aging, melasma, and even it can cause long-lasting health issues. And for this sunscreen NEEDS to be a part of everyone’s morning routine before stepping out of the house, be it, man or woman. If you don’t want to put your skin at risk, remember to NEVER skip your broad-spectrum sunscreen and it should be re-applied religiously every after 2 hours. Also, wear clothing that will cover your skin and head and try to avoid long sun exposure.

The best treatment for hyperpigmentation:

Fixderma brings you the best treatment for hyperpigmentation, melasma, and spots that will help in treating these skin issues without thinning the upper layer of the skin and making it sensitive to the sun. The formulation has been discovered with the most successful combinations of actives which helps in treating the skin from melasma, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation of the skin. This treatment is non-steroidal, works on all types of pigmentation, and exfoliates the targeted darkened skin.

Just be patient with any treatments you’re trying, as they can take months to show improvement

(Do a patch test first on the back of your arm or behind your ear. Do not forget to apply sunscreen in the morning)