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Fixderma Hair Care range

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Hair care is all the care people do to keep their hair clean, healthy-looking, and attractive. The right care can prevent certain types of hair issues like hair loss, dandruff, thinning of hair and leave your hair looking healthy. The way we care for our skin and we are concerned for our makeup, it is very important to care for our hair the same way. When we came across pollution, styling products, unhealthy diet, stress, and chemicals, these make irreparable damage to our hair. These factors make our scalp greasy, sticky, and oily and our hair frizzy, rough, and dry which will automatically lead to leading to dandruff and infections related to the scalp. So, if you are looking that how to care for your scalp and hair, scroll down to know the best hair care products for different hair conditions

What are the best hair care products?

No matter how many hair care products you invest in, an ideal hair care product for your hair condition is a must to target the different hair problems and most importantly give you hair that is healthy, strong, smooth lustrous, and free of infection and other conditions

1. Hair care products for Dry and Frizzy hair

Managing stubborn, dry, frizzy, and unruly hair is a daily struggle for us. But for this, we don’t have to invest in a lot of products to make them manageable. A simple and small change can make a lot of difference. Fidelia shampoo, paired with the Fidelia conditioner, a natural keratin-based formulation that overhauls even the driest and frizziest of strands, leaving them, manageable, slinky, and shiny hair just after one use.

2. Hair care products for Hair fall

Move your fingers around your hair and you’ll find hair stands rolled on your palm. This is the hair fall battle women are facing on a daily basis. 50 hair stands falling per day are normal but more than this could be a problem. As we grow older, the change in lifestyle, complicated sleeping patterns, lack of proper diet, and stress together take a toll to change the health of your scalp and result in hair fall. Here, Fixderma brings a range of hair fall products that contains shampoo, conditioner, and spray lotion to treat your hair, the way it should be treated.

3. Hair care products for Dandruff

No one likes dry white flakes, especially when they’re all over your scalp and head. Dandruff is a scaly, itchy scalp condition where clumps of skin cells come together to create flakes you can see in your hair. Due to these flakes, your scalp can feel itching and irritated, no matter if you have just washed your hair. For the solution, you'll want to choose one of the best anti dandruff shampoos amongst all to wash those flakes away. Bioteez S is specially formulated to treat those flaky conditions and wash off stubborn dandruff covering your head.

4. Hair care products for Hair Growth and Strength

If your hair care goal is to achieve, stronger, longer, and luscious locks but instead of this, your hair is getting thin and damaged, and a stressful lifestyle stands in the way then Fixderma’s Fidelia range is the perfect pair for you! The natural keratin-based shampoo when followed by the conditioner leaves your hair, silky, strong, smooth and free-flowing with the visible growth by the time.