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“My toe is red, swollen and sore. Is my diabetes causing it?”

If that’s the question you’re asking yourself, the answer is YES!

  1. Facing damaged feet, ulcers, corns and calluses?
  2. Stuck with dry feet?
  3. Ingrown nails giving you a hard time?
  4. Fungal feet infections keep recurring?

All of the above signs show that your feet are affected, and the reason could be diabetes, especially poorly managed diabetes. According to statistics, about 40-60 million people are affected by it globally. However, these issues can be easily managed at an early stage by keeping the feet clean and moisturized using a nourishing foot cream.

Are you confused about which product to use with so many options available in the market?

The market is flooded with foot creams, but only to treat your cracked heels. Not even one formulation targets foot issues related to diabetes. We at Fixderma understood this pain and concern. And therefore, we have worked our best to end your search here. We have developed a unique formulation that is customized to take care of the diabetic foot. Fixderma’s Foobetik cream is a non-greasy formulation enriched with natural emollients to provide a deep penetrating treatment for diabetic feet. It provides long-duration moisturization and helps to soothe the burning and discomfort feet. It may prevent the feet from fungal infections and, helps to improve the blood circulation in the feet & ensure healthy feet.

It is infused with the goodness of Lactic acid, Apple cider vinegar, Urea, Tea tree oil, Shea butter and L-Arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid that improves the blood flow and reduces complications related to the impaired circulation of blood, improving the temperature and the condition of the feet.

Things to keep in mind

Most people with diabetes can prevent serious foot complications simply by keeping the below-listed points in mind.

  • Keep the blood flowing
  • Wash your feet every day
  • Do not remove corns or calluses yourself
  • Never go barefoot
  • Wear shoes that fit well
  • Trim your toenails straight across
  • Get your feet checked by a doctor in every visit
  • Choose feet-friendly activities
Foobetik Cream
Foot Cream
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