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Best Hair care Routine for Hair Growth

Best Hair care Routine for Hair Growth

The way we give too much attention to our skincare and makeup routine, it is also important to follow a well-laid-out plan to address the needs and wants of our hair. As we grow older, our hair goes through so much like pollution, stress, a non-healthy diet, chemicals, styling products, and other factors that do irreparable damage to hair each day. It makes the hair dry and rough and the scalp -oily and greasy, eventually leading to dandruff and scalp infections No matter how many hair care products you invest in, an ideal hair care routine is a must to make and maintain your hair shiny and strong. So, if you are finding a perfect hair care routine for hair growth, we have got the perfect guide for you. Continue reading to know how to start the hair care routine and maintain it for strong, smooth, and lustrous hair!

Oiling: Oiling protects your hair from daily wear and tear. Apply hair oil once in a week or two followed by a gentle massage with your fingertips to massage oil on the roots and scalp. Softly massaging the scalp helps in the exfoliation and improves blood circulation, resulting in good scalp health. However, a vigorous champi can break a lot of hair during and after the oil massage. You should feed your hair with oil to ensure healthy, thick, and lustrous hair.

Cleansing: An ideal product in your hair care routine is the one that suits your hair needs. It is extremely important to find a good hair cleansing shampoo to clean the scalp well, get rid of residue, and help remove dirt, grime, product build-up, and impurities, providing your hair with the necessary superfoods it needs. Fixderma brings the perfect hair cleansers that are SLS-free and gentle for your hair and are also infused with the ingredients that maintain hair health, promote hair growth, and control hair fall. 

Conditioning: A bond between a shampoo and a conditioner is inseparable. Conditioning your hair can make the best out of your haircare routine.  Your shampoos cleanse your hair and scalp whereas your conditioner nourishes your strands with utmost care. It is necessary to use the conditioner as it leaves your hair smooth, silky, improves hair manageability, makes them non-frizzy, and split ends-free hair. With easy to apply and wash-off formulation, Fixderma’s conditioners are non-sticky and non-tacky leaving your hair, soft and lustrous. 

Detangle: Tangles. They’re utterly inescapable no matter your hair type or length. Never detangle your knots when your hair is wet. Once they are dried, run a wide-toothed comb, detangling brush or your fingers through your strands and gently open your hair knots. 

Protecting from heat: If you love to style your hair and your hairstyling tool involves heat, you’re probably facing heat damage too. Before styling, use a good heat protectant spray or a serum to protect your hair from damage. Not only before styling, use a good serum to protect your stands to get damaged by the harmful rays of the sun.

Healthy diet: Last but not the least, a healthy diet leads to a healthy body. As hair is made of protein, you must ensure that you are consuming enough protein in your diet to make your hair strong and healthy. If you are on a less protein diet then it can make your hair dry, brittle, and weak. Eating right, exercising, relieving stress, and getting plenty of sleep will help you maximize your hair growth. Also, incorporating healthy foods into your day-to-day diet will lead to healthy hair growth.

So, now that you know this simple yet best hair care routine, follow and notice your healthy, manageable, and frizz-free hair.

Let your hair do the talking!


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