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How to get rid of sticky skin on the face

How to get rid of sticky skin on the face

Get rid of that Sticky Skin this summer!

In India, summers are known to be scorching, hot, and harsh. With watery fruits, the summer season also brings a drastic toll with it, especially on our skin and hair. While your hair tends to get all rough and frizzy, our skin gets oily and greasy like that chip-chip feeling on the skin. A rise in heat and humidity in the summer season increases skin oil production, which in turn leads to oily and sticky skin. Sticky skin will attract excess dirt and grime from the surrounding. Imagine that feeling, when you are stepping out in the sun looking amazing, and you came back home looking dull with oily patches all over your skin. This sticky skin can be quite disastrous for the oily skin type, which already produces excess oil as it will clog the open pores and you can have acne issues. So, if you too are fed up with that stickiness on your skin, here are some changes in your skincare that will come to your rescue.

Choose the Right Cleanser:

We're definitely not a fan of what the hot season does to our skin. During summers, people tend to increase the frequency of washing their faces. However, washing the face too much can strip off the natural moisture of the face. Cleansing your face twice a day with Fixderma’s gentle yet deep cleansers that are adequate and a great way to gently remove dull layers of skin.

Refresh with a toner

Toner is a must-have in summer to instantly hydrate and refresh your skin. Our skin tends to produce oil that might open the closed pores of the skin. The toner helps close the open pores and to maintain the pH balance of the skin. Apply it with a cotton pad or just directly spritz it on your face and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Time to change your Moisturizers

Changing our skincare according to the season is crucial. The way we use our face oils and heavy moisturizers during the dry winters, we should switch to the very light, gel-based, or watery lotions or moisturizers during the summers. Fixderma’s light weight moisturizers are best for these scorching summers to moisturize your skin. These lightweight products will hydrate your skin without even leaving it sticky or greasy.

Switch to Gel-based Sunscreens

When it comes to sunscreen, people tend to skip it as they think it will feel thick and heavy on their skin and it will make your face look sticky, shiny, or greasy after their application, especially in summers. Opt for Fixderma gel-based sunscreen that is lightweight, non-greasy, and oil-free as compared to that cream-based sunscreen.  It get easily absorbed into the skin, and provides broad-spectrum protection. This sunscreen gel is non-comedogenic, that means it does not clog your pores. And also, it does not leave behind any white cast.

Additionally, stay well-hydrated, eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins, and last but not least- remove your makeup before going to bed.

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