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Why We Should Not Skip Hair Conditioner, According to the Experts

Hair Conditioner

Usually, hair wash is scheduled twice or three times each week which is quick. When you're in a hurry, it's simple to wet your hair, massage shampoo into it, rinse, and exit the shower. No matter our age or gender, hair shampoo is essential to our hair care routine. It aids in clearing our scalps of dirt and debris. It is regarded as the one answer to all of our hair care problems. But not only shampooing, conditioning as well should be a fundamental component of our hair care regimens as well. Both shampooing and conditioning your hair are crucial; they both function best when one is done after the other. Let’s know the how’s and why’s of it.

So, what is a hair conditioner?

Do you experience hair fall when you towel dry your hair? Losing 80-100 strands of hair every day is normal but if it is more than that it needs your attention. One of the reasons could be excessive dryness and roughness. When you don't use a conditioner, this occurs. Hence, the next step in a post-shampoo hair care process is the hair conditioner. It puts the moisture back in the hair bringing back the shine, nourishment, and smoothness.

In today’s time, where we are exposed to extreme pollution, weather, and health conditions, problems like dryness and hair loss are very prevalent. Your ultimate savior is a safe and mild hair conditioner that matches your hair type. Experts recommend a sulfate-free and toxin-free conditioner as it will ensure optimum nourishment and nutrition for your hair.

Conditioner is a must for each hair type. Even the ones blessed with naturally silky, lustrous hair, are advised to never skip a conditioner as it makes your strands healthy. For women with very thin hair, hair conditioners are a boon. Thin hair tends to tangle and form knots more and when you try to untangle these knots you may lose a lot of hair. Applying a hair conditioner after washing your hair makes it much easier to detangle your hair even with your fingers.

Many hair problems, including split ends and hair breakage, are caused by dry hair. You must nurture your hair with a conditioner to get rid of the dryness as they provide hydration to your hair. Your hair will get softer and smoother if you use a hair conditioner routinely. It prevents your hair from drying out and breaking after a wash. Also, it replenishes your hair as it contains proteins and lipids that give your hair a glossy appearance. Use a hair conditioner if your hair seems dry or fragile. Your hair's elasticity is improved, and it keeps them nourished and silky.

Here are three explanations for why conditioning should take an additional five minutes after every hair wash.

  1. Designed to focus on your lengths and ends.

As a general rule, your shampoo should be specifically formulated for your scalp type, and your conditioner should be focused on the lengths and ends of your hair. Shampoo works as a product to purify and refresh your scalp. Shampoo may perform a great job of cleaning your scalp, but it will also strip off natural oil from the lengths and ends of your hair, making them frizzier and drier than before.

Add conditioner to your haircare regime. These solutions are designed to treat your lengths with the extra care that they require and protect them from environmental damage by strengthening them.

  1. Eliminates frizz and increases luster

Start this with reasons for frizz and the key issues. Shampoos only offer surface-level care for your lengths because the purpose of the shampoo is to clean your scalp and hair.  To smooth your hair and reduce the dryness, you still need to use a conditioner, post-shampooing. Dry hair is negatively charged and so conditioners are formulated with a positive charge, thus when applied to negatively charged hair (dry hair), they lower the static electricity, hence, minimizing frizz and dryness of hair." Additionally, a conditioner can temporarily seal your split ends too.

  1. Lessen the styling time

Using a high-quality conditioner will help you get the shine you seek by forming a synthetic barrier on your hair. Your hair will get weighed down by a conditioner. Make sure the conditioner is designed to treat the concerns of your hair. When you use a conditioner correctly and frequently, your hair will already be easier to style, saving you time, effort, and money on post-shampoo styling products.

Additionally, chemical hair treatments like coloring and straightening remove the necessary moisture from your hair. Reconditioning your hair and replacing lost moisture is easy and quick with conditioning. Additionally, conditioners keep the dryness away that hair coloring creates and extends the freshness of your colored hair. Use one specifically designed for your haircare needs and wants.


How to pick the right conditioner according to your hair type?

For healthy hair, you should try safe, gentle, and sulfate-free hair care conditioners that are specially meant for your hair concerns. 

  • Conditioner to prevent hair loss

The Kairfoll Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner is straight from our best-selling line and is packed with antioxidants that promote faster hair development and less hair loss. It contains hydrolysed quinoa, panthenol, and vitamin e, all of which are rich in nutrients that hydrate, nourish, and strengthen hair shafts. It softly detangles hair, making it easier to handle and smoother as one of the finest conditioners for controlling hair fall.

  • Conditioner for coloured, chemically treated and damaged hair

Keratin is currently the most popular component in hair care products. Utilizing all of its potential, Fixderma developed Fidelia, a nourishing hair conditioner for chemically damaged hair that is loaded with natural keratin to prevent grey and weak hair, decrease split ends, and create smooth, shiny, and silky hair.

  • Conditioner to treat dandruff

Use a conditioner with anti-microbial and antiseptic characteristics developed for use on flaky scalp conditions after washing if you have dandruff. Your hair will be free-flowing and moisturized and for this, you can try Fixderma Bioteez-S conditioner, which is infused with Salicylic acid which helps in preventing infections and dandruff and leaves your hair healthy. 

How to use hair conditioner

You should first wash your scalp with a sulfate-free shampoo before applying the hair conditioner. Apply it to your strands, then wait two to three minutes. After washing it off, soak the water with a soft towel.

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