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Is Glass Skin Real? How to achieve it in Expert Recommended Way?

glass skin

The trend of glass clear skin gained popularity when the world fell in love with the Korean skincare routine. Glass clear skin is nothing but clear, flawless, even-toned, smooth, and spotless skin which can be gained with a proper skincare regime and a healthy diet. Here, we will guide you that how you can easily achieve glass skin. But remember, nothing could last long if you do not follow your skincare routine religiously and consistently.

Scroll down to know how to get glowing and glass-clear skin in just eight easy skincare steps:

Is glass skin real

Step 1: Cleanse for a minute

The first and foremost step is cleansing because a clean canvas is a must before applying the second product for proper product absorption. It requires you to cleanse your face for at least 60 seconds (#60secondrule). Cleansing your face for a minute allows the ingredients infused in your cleanser to actually work onto your skin. This rule of 60 seconds of cleansing dissolved dead skin cells, and sebum and unclogs your pores which results in better skin texture, even skin tone, and soft skin.

Try: Fixderma Face21 Cleanser

Step 2: Exfoliation

Smooth and clear skin is incomplete without exfoliation because it is the key to removing dead cells of the skin from your skin’s outer layer. For years, we have been using physical scrubs which claim to be made of apricot, and walnut which end up causing micro tears and premature aging. Switch to chemical exfoliants which are gently formulated with skin-loving actives to remove the surface built-up of dead skin cells on the skin to give healthy and glowing skin. (Just remember to exfoliate 2x a week because overdoing it can strip off the natural oil from your skin)

Try: Fixderma Peelonate AHA

Step 3: Sheet Masks

Korean skincare has given us some of the best skin care tips and tricks, but masks are the ones the skincare world is most obsessed with. Sheet masks are the easiest way to soothe, repair, replenish and lock in the essential moisture in the skin. Within 10-20 minutes, you can enjoy healthier plump, and supple skin. We’d recommend doing this 2-3 times per week. 

Step 4: Incorporate a Toner

One should not skip applying toner in their glass skin routine. Toner’s job is to tighten your pores, reduce excess oil production, refresh your skin and restore the skin’s natural pH balance without irritating the skin. Toners are non-drying that provide a hydration base to your skin which preps your skin to absorb

Step 5: Serum Treatment

Providing your skin with the goodness of serums could be a plus in your glass skin regime. Add serum for targeted skin concerns. Mainly you can indulge vitamin c serum as it is a multi-tasking topical treatment that focuses on most of the skin concerns like dull skin, dark spots, uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation etc. Also, it promotes collagen, and provides hydration and moisturization to the skin which will make your skin soft, firm, supple and plump.

Try: Fixderma 17% Vitamin C Serum

Step 6: Invest in an under-eye cream

You will miss out on your glass-clear skin if you have dry and dark patches under your eyes or if your under-eye bags are puffy. Dermatologists recommend investing in a good under-eye cream that passes out with three main factors- nourish, treat and hydrate your most delicate under-eye area for glowing and healthy, and beautiful-looking eyes.

Try: Fixderma Under-Eye Cream

Step 7: Seal with a Moisturizer

Moisturizing is a no-brainer in any skincare routine. It must be included no matter whether you are on your glass skin routine or not. Our skin is very sensitive to environmental changes. It is very important for us to moisturize it daily as it helps lock in the skin's moisture by creating a barrier that prevents the loss of moisture. It also supplies the skin with essential micronutrients that help maintain healthy skin. Applying it religiously will nourish your skin and restore the damaged skin barrier that makes your skin plump, soft, smooth, and supple. For glass-clear skin, you should opt for a lightweight moisturizer that has barrier repairing properties too.

Try: Fixderma Moisturizing Lotion

Step 8: Use Sunscreen (daytime only)

Your dream of achieving glass-clear skin will stay a dream if you skip on your sunscreen. SPF is a year-round must and it is necessary to keep your skin protected from the sun daily because skipping sunscreen can make your skin hyperpigmented, and tan, with premature aging. So one should sun protect their skin in the daytime without skipping because you can protect your skin from damage in many possible ways. Applying a lightweight and broad-spectrum sunscreen can be a boon in your glass skin routine. It is important to use sun protection as the harmful UV radiations of the sun can affect the skin when the sun is barely visible. Re-applied religiously every after 2 hours.

Try: Fixderma Shadow SPF50+ Sunscreen Gel

Do not forget that consistency and patience are the keys. Healthy eating and proper sleeping could be a plus in your youthful-looking glass-clear skin because healthy inside is beautiful outside. All these factors together will help you achieve smooth, even-toned, healthy, and spotless-looking skin.

Face21 Cleanser
Face21 Cleanser
Peelonate AHA Face Cleanser
Peelonate AHA Face Cleanser
Under Eye Cream
Under Eye Cream
Shadow SPF 50+ Gel

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