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Why lip balm is important in your skincare routine

Why lip balm is important in your skincare routine

Moisturizers, serums, body lotions, and sunscreen follow us all day and in all seasons. But wait! What we are forgetting is caring for our dry and chapped lips, of course! We give so much importance to moisturizing our face and body and neglect to moisturize our lips. When compared to the skin on your face, the skin of your lips is significantly more sensitive. Because of this, it's crucial to take good care of your lips and keep it moisturised. Therefore, lip balm should be an extremely vital part of your skincare routine, not only when you are troubled with dry chapped lips, but also to maintain the health and hydration of the skin of your lips. Using a lip balm has many benefits. But before that, let us tell you what exactly a Lip balm is!

What is a Lip Balm?

Lip balm is a wax-like substance that will hydrate your lips and relieve any discomfort brought on by chapped or dry lips. Lips are particularly sensitive because of their thin skin and typically show signs of dryness and pigmentation before other parts of the body. Lip balm offers protection against wind, cold, and dry air on the lips. Now let’s know the benefits of Lip Balm.

Why do you need a Lip Balm?

  • Intensely hydrates lip dryness: The key benefit of using a lip balm is that it hydrates and moisturizes your lips deeply. Enriched with skin-hydrating ingredients, lip balm gets deeply absorbed into the skin to intensely hydrated dry lips and give them a nourished and plump look. Regularly applying lip balm helps your lips regain their natural moisture and keeps your pout supple
  • Rejuvenates chapped lips: If you have really chapped lips, you exactly know how irritating it may be. And in this case, you need to make sure you are not skipping lip balm. Applying a thick layer of lip balm before going to bed can heal cracked and chapped lips
  • Protects from UV rays: People tend to believe that we need to include lip balm in our skincare routine only in winter because winter causes dry and chapped lips. But even in summer, your lips are prone to damage due to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. These sun rays can cause hyperpigmentation to the lips, leading to dark lips. Lip balm creates a protective barrier on the skin and shields the delicate lip skin from getting dull and damaged.
  • Lightens pigmentation: One of the reasons for dark lips, is constant and prolonged exposure to UV rays, as we discussed above, but not only ultraviolet rays are the sole reason, but lack of hydration, cigarette smoking, usage of local lipsticks, and too much caffeine could also be a reason for dark and patchy lips. Using a lip balm can enhance your lip care game and its constant application can help lighten lip pigmentation

So, as a thumb rule make lip balm a part of your everyday bag and enjoy smooth, supple, & plump lips ❤

Which Lip Balm should you use?

Lip Balm is a common product for everyone. It seems very easy, doesn't it? But do you know what you should choose for your lips? Confused about searching for the perfect Lip Balm? Worry not! Your search ends here. Fixderma brings you the very hydrating (and generally very affordable) lip balm that has been suggested by dermatologists to make your lips plump, smooth, bright, and soft. Thinking about what’s different in this lip balm that makes it recommended by dermatologists. Keep reading to know!

  • Dry and dull-looking lips make your face look tired, and you look underconfident. Enriched with the perfect blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and highly moisturizing ingredients, Fixderma Lip Balm is a perfect lip balm for dry lips as it absorbs into deep layers of your lips, moisturizes them from within, and keeps your lips soft, moisturized, & supple.
  • Chapped lips happen when the hydration and moisture are completely lost from your lips. After that, the lips start flaking to the point where they will bleed but the worst part is, it hurts a lot! This lip balm keeps that pain at bay and seals in moisture. With skin-soothing ingredients, this lip balm rejuvenates chapped and cracked lips by repairing the damaged skin cells, removing dead skin, and exfoliating the upper layer of your lips.
  • We all know vitamin C is known for its brightening properties as it evens out skin tone and reduces pigmentation and dark spots. When you are constantly exposed to sun rays, and your lips start getting dark and pigmented, then this lip balm is an ultimate savior. Infused with Vitamin C, this lip balm lightens lip pigmentation, dark spots, and even out skin tone for toned lip color. Also, this lip balm creates a protective shield on the skin to protect it from damage due to sun exposure and various reasons that cause dark lips.

For skin pigmentation read: Hyperpigmentation Types, causes, and treatment

Lip Balm

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