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Why Is My Face Breaking Out All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Face Breaking Out All Of A Sudden?

The world is full of myths. Sometimes it is hard to distant a myth from the truth. If you are not clear with your skin concerns, you are preventing yourself from getting a clearer skin. We are going to reveal the underlying causes for acne, the biggest skin concern which affects almost every individual in their course of life.

You might get annoyed with the acne breakout. The only question which storms your mind is that why your face breaks out all of a sudden? Getting embarrassed or keeping a low quality of life is not the solution. In fact, you need to understand what brought you to this trouble and how to come out of it?

Understanding the etiology of acne is as simple as ABCD. Let’s start by separating the acne facts from fiction.

Your Guide To Acne Prone Skin

Firstly, let's understand the major causes of acne formation. Our mnemonic for acne is as simple for ABCD.

A -Adolescence

B- Big sebaceous glands

C- Comedones

D- Diet

Adolescence – Almost all teens get acne. It happens because of the hormonal changes experienced by the body. 

Big sebaceous glands – The androgen hormone increases in both boys and girls during puberty. Androgens make the skin's oil glands get larger and make more sebum. Androgens also can increase because of hormonal changes related to pregnancy or starting or stopping birth control pills.

Comedones – Commonly termed as blackheads or whiteheads, these tiny bumps occurring on the face is the first stage of acne. If not treated well in time, the comedones turn into active acne and lead to a sudden breakout.

Diet- Although diet does not play a direct role in causing acne. But experts say that limiting sugary, fried, and processed food prolongs insulin activity which helps in improving the hormonal acne conditions.  

If you are passing through any above-mentioned phase of life, you have a fair chance to flare a breakout. But again, it’s very important to keep yourself away from the myths and acquire the facts. 

Handling breakouts is easier if you stay away from myths and are aware of the facts. 

Most people perceive that acne can be prevented through washing again and again. But the fact is that frequently washing the face will not improve the acne conditions.

Constantly picking and scrubbing can make your acne worse. Once occurred, acne will take some time to heal. Have patience and give it some time to clear rather than picking it up, which can leave a permanent scar.

You are more likely to overcome the breakouts in an easy way if you are consistent. It is generally noticed that patients don’t adhere to their treatment regimen if they don’t see immediate results. Experts say that recommended length of any acne treatment is at least 8 weeks.

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Here are a few important takeaway tips to manage acne:

  • Identify the root cause, whether you are a teen or adult. If you are able to find the origin, you are half done. 
  • Try to change your skincare routine if you have not changed it for years. Skin doesn’t remain the same for a lifetime; transformations keep on occurring and requirements also keep changing. Make sure you are using the correct skincare products.
  • Keeping your diet simple and healthy is quite essential to maintain control over breakouts. If you missed it, you could see the ill effects immediately as some foodstuffs trigger the breakouts.
  • Take a customized treatment based on your skin condition. No single medicine is universally accepted. Choose the complete treatment after consulting an expert and more important is to adhere to the treatment.
  • And lastly, keep calm and don’t panic. There is a serious link between depression and acne. Stress can again boost the breakouts and delay the healing.

Remember! if you have breakouts, you aren’t alone, only 1 out of 100 people lives an entire acne-free life. You shouldn't be ashamed of dealing with the most common skin condition worldwide.

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