Why must pre-teens take care of their skincare routine?

Preteen Skincare

The mystery of exactly how hormones and puberty are going to change your child extends to practically every aspect of life, from the way they act, to how they look, but hormonal change also brings changes in the skin which can make the skin prone to acne or extremely dry, or sensitive. Scroll down to get your major questions solved with Fixderma related to pre-teens and skincare.

Teenage is the time when you need to take the utmost care of your skin. At this age, one goes through a lot. Hormonal changes, environmental effects due to external exposure like spots, pollution, etc., and stress to name a few. A skincare investment at this age could lead to good skin and the results will reflect throughout life.

How does one deal with pre-teen & teen skin?

Since puberty hits right around this age, the skin becomes super sensitive and requires a lot of care. This is the age when one hardly knows the skin type. Overproduction of sebum leads to common issues like acne and seborrheic dermatitis and sometimes dandruff. 

It is advisable to cleanse the skin thoroughly and follow with a good moisturizer or a pore-refining therapy. The face wash can be chosen as per the skin type.  A good antidandruff shampoo to treat & prevent dandruff and associated issues. Due to the rapid physical growth, striae (stretch marks) are also a common issue seen in teenagers. It’s a good thought to keep the body moisturized daily.

As skin at this age is still going through hormonal changes, why is it important to keep a simple but effective skincare routine?

Teenagers not only face the challenges of physical changes but also bear the burden of certain emotional changes which are of course the consequences of the hormonal changes.  Although most people at this age focus on their studies and careers but skincare is also very important. The skincare routine should be hassle-free and simple so that most teens can follow it easily. 

At least the basics of skincare like cleansing, moisturizing & sun protection should be followed by each teenager. And make sure you are using products as per your skin type.

How does one handle acne, a common issue at this age?

Acne no doubt is the biggest challenge for a teenager. The most important factor that helps in handling acne is effective cleansing. Choose a good face wash or cleanser according to your skin type with preferable actives like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or tea tree oil. 

Follow up with appropriate acne treating gel and a non-comedogenic moisturizer (which is ignored by most of the people). Stay hydrated and avoid irritating your skin with unnecessary home remedies. 

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