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Best Foot Cream to care for your feet

foot cream for cracked heels

In a world of exfoliators, serums, vitamin C, neck creams, retinol, hand creams, and even scrubs, when it comes to skincare, we properly follow the basic three-step routine or perfect 10-step K-beauty routine but there’s one part of the body we always neglect that is our FEET!

Feet care is as vital as caring for our skin and hair. People tend to forget to nourish their feet as they don’t think that moisturizing the feet is as important as moisturizing our face and hands. But our feet are that body part that gets damaged a lot due to daily wear and tears. While walking, running, wrong footwear, rubbing from shoes, and foot infection can lead your feet to be cracked, flaky, and dry. Lack of moisture can cause feet to be dry, cracked, or flaky even not taking care of them can lead to foot infection, irritation, itchy feet, corn, callus, and even psoriasis. You lose confidence while wearing heels because of your cracked feet. Also, dirt-clogged heels could be a reason you feel embarrassed in public. Not only in winters but also in summers, by constantly wearing sandals your foot can lose moisture, and your feet’ skin can easily turn hard because the oil glands on the sole are limited. To fix this, you need to properly and regularly moisturize your feet, especially during the night so that your feet get time to repair themselves.

How to choose the best foot cream for cracked and dry heels

To stay away from dry, cracked, flaky, and itchy feet, you should invest in a hydrating foot cream that also has healing properties to repair for foot and reduce foot concerns overnight

Look for Hydrating properties: While choosing a foot cream, dermatologists recommend to look for humectants like glycerin, and urea, Also, look for moisturizing agents that can seal moisture into the skin such as Shea butter.

Don’t ignore exfoliation: An effective foot cream is that which also contains exfoliating ingredients such as lactic acid or glycolic acid or other AHA that gently remove the dead skin cells from the skin and turn up the production of healthy skin cells to keep your feet looking beautiful and healthy.

The perfect Protection: Not only skin hydrators and exfoliators but the foot cream that will take the perfect care of your feet should contain skin-protecting ingredients such as tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and L-arginine to protect your feet from irritation, itchiness, and bacteria, fungal, and yeast infection.

Which cream is best for dry and cracked feet?

When you go out and shop for a skincare product your feet are not the first thing that comes to mind. We spend most of our day on our feet, so they need the most care. And for this, we need the best foot cream for our feet to improve the health of our feet skin.

But, we spend hours on our feet every day, so they deserve the most amount of self-care. Since many people experience different skin issues on their feet than the rest of the body, foot creams can be helpful to improve blood circulation and protect them from daily wear and tear.

Fixderma Foobetik cream is the expert-recommended one-stop solution for all foot-related problems such as corns, callus, foot fungus, cracked heels, dry feet, itchy feet, and irritation. Not only this, it is a special formulation that also helps relax the diabetic foot of people suffering from diabetes. This foot cream is a special formulation that is enriched with Shea butter, L-arginine, Lactic acid, Tea tree oil, glycerin, and urea which means this foot cream contains all the properties of hydration, exfoliation, and protection.

You can apply your foot cream at any time of the day but the beneficial and best time is to apply it once after you shower because at that time your skin is moist so that the skin can absorb the foot cream well and at night before your go to bed so that your skin gets enough time to get all the benefits of the foot cream when your sleep  

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